Bayern didn’t want Arsenal

A number of players for the current German and European Champions have come today made it clear they wanted to avoid Arsenal in the last 16 draw.

See a few of their comments below.

Jérôme Boateng, Bayern defender Arsenal are the toughest team we could have drawn. They will be highly motivated after we knocked them out last season. We are expecting two very intense games.

Philipp Lahm, Bayern captain It’s a good omen, but tough opponents. They are the strongest team we could have drawn and it’s certainly not what we were hoping for. Arsenal have made some quality new signings and will prove a real challenge for us. However, our goal is obviously to reach the next round.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern goalkeeper [They’re] a team we know very well and attractive opponents for us. Perhaps it’s a good omen for us, seeing that we also played them last season at this stage. We obviously look forward to playing against our team-mates from the national team and we have good memories when it comes to London.

Dante, Bayern defender We will need to be highly focused in both games. It’s not the best draw for us, we wanted to avoid Arsenal and Milan, but that’s how it goes in the Champions League. There are lots of quality teams out there. Arsenal have improved a lot this season compared to last


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